The Problem:

The goal was to create a minimal and easy-to-understand design, that is able to provide specific and relevant searches when it comes to buying a home. Is the area safe? Does the neighborhood flood? Are there any schools nearby? These questions and more are crucial to ask when relocating, so from there stems the idea to create a platform that answers them all in one place.

There are no current platforms directly tackling this problem right now, but similar platforms include Zillow, Redfin, Orchard, Better.com, RealmScore.

The Process:



User Interviews-

Five participants including both men and women ranging from 18 - 49 years old, were interviewed to understand their home search process. Our team wanted to understand the struggles and pain points of home searching.

Most home buyers are regular people who are frustrated with existing tools and processes, as well as real estate agents and agencies who don’t have the resources to make their own listing site or could not compete with competitors like Zillow or Redfin.


Based on the user interviews along with extensive branding and

market research, personas were identified: