Product Design Case Study

I developed a consistent design system to ensure a cohesive and seamless experience across the platform.

To create a unified user experience, I undertook the development of a comprehensive design system. This system encompassed style guides and component libraries, serving as a foundation for consistent visual aesthetics and interactions throughout the platform.


UI/UX Design



What is Realbid?

Realbid lets you buy and sell shares in real estate assets. We have fractionalized the ownership to enable investors to easily build a diversified real estate portfolio, without the technical complexity for you. We want to make buying shares of real estate assets as secure and easy for you as buying stocks of public companies through your brokerage account.

Realbid buys real estate assets and offers Realbid investments in those on our platform. Realbid acquires these assets from its sponsor partners who represent nearly all of the available offerings in this ecosystem. We do this on your behalf so you don't need to sign up with dozens of different real estate platforms or meet their individual technical requirements. Our goal is to integrate with every platform so that we can give you access to this entire ecosystem of real estate investments, and provide you with all the tools you need to build and manage your real estate portfolio.

When users invest on Realbid, they are buying shares of a Realbid series LLC, similar to buying shares of a publicly traded stock. These are securities and are regulated under applicable federal and state securities laws, including the Securities Act of 1933. The LLC has ownership in the company that hold the real estate asset shown on our marketplace. When users invest with Realbid, they gain access to that asset, and earn rental income for as long as they choose to hold it.


Marketplace and Listing


Realbid - Original logo concept.png


The implementation of the design system had a significant impact on Realbid's performance:

Promotional Materials: I also took charge of creating impactful promotional materials to drive user acquisition and investment: