Meet the Client

Victory Auto Express is a multi-brand pre-owned vehicle dealership based in Euclid, OH. They feature a wide selection of pre-owned cars from the market. In the business for 16 years, they are committed to providing the best quality pre-owned cars to their customers.

The Problem

The pandemic had a severe impact on the pre-owned car dealership business. Although the sale figures are affected, people are willing to buy a pre-owned car. Due to lockdown closures, People weren’t able to get in touch with the showroom effectively and as a result, almost no sales happened during this period. Further, going digital with an organized sales platform is the need of the time. Victory Auto Express is focusing on the following points -

The Process

Discovery -


Victory Auto Express is entering a whole new territory of online sales. Hence, keeping track of what they are doing and what the outcome is, is important. Below, are the key points and analytics to be considered from the business point of view to measure the performance of the project.

  1. Website Traffic: Measuring the number of unique visitors, page views, and bounce rate of the website can help determine the success of the online sales project.
  2. Conversion Rate: This KPI measures the percentage of website visitors who make a purchase on the site. It's an essential metric in determining the effectiveness of the sales funnel.
  3. Customer Retention Rate: This metric measures the percentage of customers who return to make additional purchases. A high retention rate indicates customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. Average Order Value (AOV): This metric measures the average amount of money spent by customers in a single transaction. It can help determine the effectiveness of the pricing strategy.

Understanding the pre-owned car industry and market

Pre-owned cars are available for sale to another buyer than have previously been owned by an individual or company. Pre-owned cars are available at a substantially cheaper price and if bought right, you could get an almost new condition car too. These cars also have a lower depreciation and finance is easily available on them. These factors make pre-owned vehicles a primary choice not only for many 1st-time car buyers but also for HNIs and businessmen.

  1. People are comfortable buying pre-owned cars online from trusted sources provided they get to feel the product and know about its condition before purchase.